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SmallBusinessNews Launches Small Business Directory

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

SmallBusinessNewz, a resource for professional business information dedicated to bringing the best business information on the net, launched the Small Business Directory today. The Small Business Directory is a free, hand-edited directory that promotes businesses which provide resources for other businesses. Submit Your Website to the Small Business Directory here.

The Small Business Directory is a human-edited directory focusing on resources that can help aid in the success of small businesses.

This is not your everyday catch-all directory full of spammy sites. We monitor this one to ensure that it remains a helpful resource to find information and help related to a wide variety of business topics.

The Small Business Directory is currently divided into 44 categories, but this number will likely grow in the future as the directory itself grows, lending itself to even more niche categories.

Categories range from Brick and Mortar and Signage to eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing.

We are always open to submissions from those who offer a site that can be useful to someone starting and/or operating a business. This is not a place to submit any site you may have. Spammers need not apply.

So if you run “Alfie’s Donut Shop”, this is not the place to submit your site. You may, however find the directory useful for finding information and advice to help you run your donut shop more successfully.