3D Visualization Services

Imagine a tool that allows you to visualize your ideas and visions before you invest money in building and prototyping. Imagine a tool that can train new employees in your manufacturing business without them having to step on the factory floor. A tool that can market for you, educate for you, and pretty much do anything for you.

3D Visualization has that capability. The power of 3D Visualization in the form still renders, animation, virtual tours, or training can be applied to almost any business or industry. Here's how it works:

Conceptualizing and Planning

Every time you see a 3D image, whether a still or animation, it has to be conceptualized and created in 3D space first. By planning your 3D project in our pre-production phase, we establish which source materials are required, estimate length and time of the project, and begin visualizing the final outcome with story boarding or concept planning.

Still Renders

3D Power Pole

3D Still Renders are great marketing tools. They can be used for magazine advertising, press releases, on the web, or in interactive media. Whether you are promoting a commercial development or a new product, 3D Still Renders let your potential customers see your offering in a whole different way. 3D is much faster than your traditional artistic rendering because once a model is created, rendering out a new image takes only a few minutes.

3D Models are first created with NURBS or polygons. They are then textured, lighted, and positioned. A few test renders are done during the process to see progress. Finally, still renders are created from the software and delivered in any format.

Animations - 360, Walk-Thru, and More

3D landscape project

The true power of 3D Visualization can be seen in Animation. Because the camera works in a virtual space, 3D Animation can show perspectives not possible with traditional media. Here are some of the uses of 3D animation:

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