3D Animation for Education & Training

How can 3D Animation be used for training? Let's say you own a factory that makes brake parts. With a training animation done in 3D, your factory can use it to teach current and new employees the intricacies of the machine. If the machine is covered on most areas for safety, the 3D animation can show employees how it works on the inside without physically taking apart the machine and slowing production. The knowledge of how things work is vital in a factory setting because it leads to greater efficiency and more importantly leads to improved safety.

Training Systems

In the factory setting, the number of machines, tools, and production systems can outnumber the number of employees. It takes time to physically train new employees and cross-train current employees on each piece of equipment. With our training systems, clients can train and educate their employees from the comfort of a computer without the need to remove other employees off the line to do the training. Learning from a virtual platform allows employees to understand how their equipment works on the inside and all of the functions of the pieces. A smarter employee is a safer and more productive employee.

We thoroughly examine our clients' needs and goals with their training system and then implement the features into the final product. It is then printed to VHS tape, or DVD which can include questionnaires, tests, or interactive activity that can evaluate what the employee has learned.

Educational 3D

The beauty of 3D animation is that you are able to create an interactive enviorment for learning. Whether you are targeting kids or adults, educational systems can be used to create or improve any existing program. Add more interactivity, better graphics, or easier to understand models.

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