Technical Visualization

Industrial Visualization Brings Your Idea to Life and Prepares it for Prototyping and Production

The application of 3D Visualization to Industrial design is another emerging technology that has cut costs for numerous companies. Rather than spending thousands, if not millions, of dollars on multiple prototypes, Industrial Visualization can produce them in 3D space. Why should your company develop numerous prototypes that require large amounts of refining when it would be more optimal to have Shycon Design Consultants use blueprints and drawings to build you a working 3D model. The 3D model can be thrown into production far quicker than a physical model because the measurements are already incorporated into three dimensional space. Many large companies such as Fisher Price™ use this process to develop new toys, but Shycon Design Consultants has brought this technology into the reach of small to medium sized businesses.

3d visualization sunglasses

Before new products reach the market, they have to be built and tested numerous times until perfection. This entire process can be streamlined with Industrial Visualization because virtual changes can be made much quicker than physical changes. In the imaginary example, which combines Sunglasses and an MP3 Player into one product, you see can a few days of work is far less expensive than the thousands that would have been spent on plastics, electronics, and design time.

Cost Analysis

Using the 3D model, Shycon Design Consultants will work with our clients to gather information on materials and cost of production. This information can be incorporated into a marketing presentation for prospective investors, showing estimated costs, production time, measurements, and materials needed. These presentations are far more effective and professional than 2D illustrations familiar to patent applications.

Marketing and Promotion

The 3D prototype has far more uses than marketing. With 3D animation, the model can be assembled in virtual 3D space or shown outperforming next to already existing products. The possibilities are endless for its uses, so we work with your company to meet specific needs and goals. Our mission is to help our clients get their product tested and into production as quickly and cost-effective as possible.

Mechanical Visualization Details the Production Process in Beautiful and Effective 3D.

The application of 3D Visualization to Mechanical processes is a new and emerging technology with incredible benefits for its users. 3D representations can be use to visualize numerous ideas and products. For instance, a toy-production company wants to implement a new conveyor system in their factory to increase production rates and save on costs due to inefficiency. Shycon Design Consultants can build a 3D model of the facility, use the design proposal of the new conveyor system and incorporate it into the current building. With that, a working animation can be produced and the toy company can examine it, make changes, and finalize the design. Rather than finding errors after the fact, Mechanical Visualization allows both the producer and consumer eliminate problems beforehand.

3D Animations for Proposals

Mechanical Animations can be used in a marketing package for a proposal or bid to give a great visual representation of the final product. This makes it easier for developers to describe their product and solution better than any other visual method. Shycon Design Consultants can use post-production to add vital descriptions and numbers over the 3D animation to show how the product or service will save the buyer time and money, as well as improve safety or any number of benefits that the developer is trying to propose.

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