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We Are Now an Certified Developer!

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Authorize.Net Certified DeveloperIn our ongoing effort to improve the website design services offered by Shycon Design, we are proud to announce that we are now an Certified Developer! is one of the top Gateways in the world, handling transactions for almost 250,000 customers. In simple terms, you need a Gateway if your goal is to accept credit cards, e-checks, gift cards, debit cards, and more online, or offline.

We are now one of the few companies that can call themselves a Certified Developer for! What does this mean for you? It means that you can trust Shycon Design to handle your E-commerce or Subscription-based website needs. Whether it is a simple subscription service, or a website to sell thousands of products, Shycon Design can build it all for you using

If you want to start selling products online right now, or are looking to revamp your existing website, contact us for a Free Quote today! focuses on Fraud Prevention and Ease-of-use, which is why we recommend them to all of our clients. Here are some of the benefits of using over other payment gateways.

  • Accept a Variety of Payments – All major credit cards, eCheck.Net (electronic checks from bank accounts), gift cards, signature debits, and Internet auctions.
  • Manage Your Transactions – Use our full-featured Merchant Interface to monitor and control payments through your Web site.
  • Prevent Fraud – Identify suspicious transactions with our value-adding products and built-in fraud tools.
  • Risk Management – Sensitive data is stored in the Authorize.Net PCI-compliant data center, never on your computer.
  • Receive Payments Quickly – Your funds are automatically deposited into your merchant bank account within days.
  • Free Help – Authorize.Net provides live technical and account support to merchants, as well as access to online documentation and user guides.

Not Redirecting Your Web Pages is Just Plain Rude

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Have you ever visited a link from a website and ended up at an error page that let’s you know you’ve just wasted a few seconds of your life you’ll never get back? Whether it’s a 404 Error page or Missing Document page, a missing page is the black hole of the internet.

We’ve been updating many client websites and have come across missing pages a lot lately. By providing links to other web pages, your website can provide additional information for the visitor at the external resource. If these pages have moved or have been renamed, then they are worthless to the visitor if they haven’t been redirected to their new pages.


The Business Benefits of Web Standards for Business Web Sites.

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Web standards are standardized specifications for internet markup languages such as HTML, CSS, and XML. “What the heck does that mean,” you ask? Every web site must be coded with some form of internet markup language to make it readable by an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. These standards were formulated by the W3 Organization so web designers all over the world can create web sites with one goal in mind: make the internet a better place.

Why should you care? There are plenty of web sites that do not conform to web standards, so why should you? If you’re a business owner and you have a web site, there are actually many benefits to having a web standards compliant web site. In the competitive world of internet marketing, every little advantage you have helps.