E-Commerce Solutions

If your business is looking to sell a product or products online, an E-Commerce solution from Shycon Design will put on the right path to putting your business and products online. What exactly does an E-Commerce Solution entail? It starts with a Shopping Cart, moves on to Security, and ends with Accepting Payments.

Not every business will require the same amount of complexity when it comes to E-commerce. Some businesses only sell one product, while others sell hundreds and hundreds of products. After your initial free consultation, we'll be able to tell you exactly what you'll need to expand your business online.

Online Shopping Cart

E-commerce shopping cart solutions

A Shopping Cart will allow visitors at your website to add multiple products and quantities to a basket, or shopping cart. Our shopping cart is designed to integrate with each website seamlessly. While there are plenty of shopping cart solutions already available, they tend to be end-all solutions with either too few options, or too many unncessary options.

After a free consultation with Shycon Design, we'll be able to tell you which features we recommend for your shopping cart. It all depends on your business, and the goals you would like to achieve.

Accepting Payments

If you are planning on selling products on your website, you will need to be able to accept credit card payments. The majority of purchases done online are through credit cards because they offer unsurpassed protection and security for the buyer. Below you will find a list of Shycon Approved Payment Gateways. A payment gateway is basically a service provided by the following companies that allow you to accept payments online. The factor that should influence which merchant you choose should be the pay rate, restrictions, and monthly fee required.

In some cases, your bank may already provide payment gateways to allow you to accept credit cards online. Check with your banker to find out, because you could recieve better rates than online payment processors.

PayPal Payment Solutions

Paypal Sign-Up Link

Paypal offers many solutions for businesses that want to accept payments online. It is important to choose the right one to integrate with your web site.

Choosing the Right Paypal Solution

Paypal's different payment solutions can be found here.

Authorize.net, Charge.com and others.

Authorize.net and Charge.com offer online and offline merchant services that allow you to process credit cards. If you're already accepting credit cards offline with these companies you can sign-up for their online payment gateways as well. If you're using another company that's not listed here, you can always check to see if they offer online merchant services.

Remember, all of the services provided by these companies are very similar. You decision should be made on the best rates you can receive, and your relationship with your current credit card processor or bank.

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