Database Design - Application Development

For those businesses that need more functionality on their web site, databases and applications allow your users to access information quickly and efficiently. Whether you are running an internal inventory system for employees, like a car dealership, or would like account functionality that lets people create user profiles on your web site, a properly designed, custom database gets the job done.

What kind of database does your company need? It depends. The needs of every business and web site are different, so each one of the databases we design is custom-tailored to achieve the right functionality and purpose. A web-based database application is simply a means for accessing the information in your database.

PHP / MySQL Databases

Many databases that power information on the web are powered by MySQL and PHP, and that's primarly what we work with. MySQL and PHP are well-supported, open source (free), and less cumbersome than some other database managment systems.

If you're familar with databases already, and prefer another database management software: we have administred MS Access, Oracle, and SQL Server in the past.

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