Network Solutions Domain Registration: Grade F

Network Solutions FailesLast week I stopped by a client’s office to talk business. While I was there, he told me he bought some domain names to forward to his own business website. This is a great practice for business websites, and we highly recommend it. Type-in traffic has some of the highest conversion rates among any advertising avenue. For example, we have registered a few domains such as Web Designer In and Web Designer in If a person types one of those domains into their browser, they will be forwarded to our main website, While these domains don’t rank for anything, the type-in traffic of a couple hits per year each will really add up over time. The domains will easily pay for themselves over the course of a few months and you always have the ability to develop them into websites should you choose to do so.

Now, back to the story. This client registered a bunch of domains to forward to his business website. While a smart play, he could have saved well over $300 if he didn’t register them at Network Solutions. There are a number of reasons that Network Solutions is unsatisfactory for domain registration, and ultra-high prices is just one of them. Let’s investigate.

Network Solutions Charges $34.99 per year for Domain Registration: Fail

The maximum you should ever pay for a basic domain registration per year is $9 to $10. You can save money at Network Solutions by registering for longer periods of time, but the price will still be about two to four times as much as competitors. Most domain registrars, like GoDaddy and NameCheap mark up their costs by about 20-50%, while Network Solutions marks-up their cost 500%. Does that sound like a good deal to you?

The trick to getting domains a lot cheaper is by searching for coupon codes. You can search Google for “Godaddy Coupon Codes” or “Namecheap Coupon Codes” and you will always be able to save a dollar or two per domain, per year. Network Solutions coupon codes are few and far between. Even if you find one, you’re still paying well over any competitor’s rates.

Network Solutions Charges $12 per year for Forwarding: Fail

If you’re registering domains for type-in traffic, then domain forwarding is a must. Unfortunately for people who buy their domains at Network Solutions, you will have to pay $12 a year for domain forwarding. It can really add up if you’re registering a lot of domains, and if you’re not careful the cost can hit you like a ton of bricks when the renewal dates come around.

What’s a better deal than $12 per year? Free! Godaddy and Namecheap, along with most credible domain registrars, offer free domain forwarding.

Network Solutions Charges $9 per year for Private Registration: Fail

When you register a domain, the contact information on the domain becomes public information. Name, phone number, address, and e-mail address become public if you do not purchase “private registration” (sometimes called “Whois guard”) for the domain. While it is not necessary for most businesses, those that work from home may not want their personal information available to the masses. Private Registration, or Whois Guard, keeps your information private by going through a proxy company.

Network Solutions charges $9 per year for Private Registration, which is another yearly fee that can add up if you have a lot of domains. Alternatively, Godaddy offers free private registration if you order 5 or more domains in Bulk. Namecheap also offers free Whois Protection, but you have to activate once you register or transfer your domains.

Network Solutions Holds Your Domains Hostage: Is there a grade worse than F?

If news about the domain industry isn’t something you read everyday, there is one story that has been a very hot topic over the past few weeks. Network Solutions has been accused of holding searched domains hostage! If you search Network Solutions for a domain name and do not register it at the time, you’ll come back later to find that Network Solutions will register your domain for you as a “defensive measure,” and then charge you a fee to release it. So much for going to a cheaper registrar like Godaddy if you’re searching over at Network Solutions.

The problem is that by doing this, Network Solutions is preventing customers from registering the domain name at the registrar of

Conclusion: Don’t Use Network Solutions.

We don’t like to pick on companies, but we feel it’s necessary to educate people who may be unfamiliar with the web and domain registration. In this case, Network Solutions is an overpriced, unethical solution when it comes to domain registration. The alternatives have their problems as well, but none that compare to the ones at Network Solutions.

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2 Responses to “Network Solutions Domain Registration: Grade F”

  1. andre Says:

    I’ve tried for weeks to transfer a domain to GoDaddy. NetSol, as best I can tell, pretty much ignores that a transfer request has been made. When I call their service reps, they have little to no insight, so the domain sits there at their ridiculous yearly rates. Just another form of being held hostage. I vote with my wallet. I have 2 registered domains with NetSol, and 82 with GoDaddy. I’ll never register another domain or service with Network Solutions.

  2. lisa Says:

    This is a well written review and people need to know the truth because “newbies” are most likely to use netsol b/c they are well known.

    I really dislike netsol, here’s my latest drama with them:

    One of my clients mistakenly used the netsol domain search tool and when I tried register it for them on my registrar of choice their tools said the domain wasn’t available. The registrar I used told me that even if you don’t login, when you search for a domain name using netsol’s tools – they hold the domain for 7 days – “to protect you” HA

    I had to call netsol and tell them to release it. My registrar told me ICANN is investigating them for this practice.