How It Works - Search Engine Optimization

On-Site SEO - Design

Designing your website to be search engine friendly is part of our basic web site design process. When we design and develop websites, they are optimized to meet the needs of search engines. Because our websites adhere to strict W3C Standards, they are easy to crawl by search spiders. This ensures all of the hard-working content on your website is searchable by the world!

On-Site SEO - Keyword Research

Designing your website to be crawlable isn’t the only aspect that goes into functional and effective optimization. If crawlability is the vehicle, then keywords are the gas. Keywords are essentially the foundation of any business web site. If you know what people are searching for, and you optimize your web pages for those keywords, you’re going to increase your exposure.

We do keyword research with a number of tools, based on the information we gather in our free consultations. First, we check out your web site if you have one. Second, we do research on your competition to see what they are ranking for. Once we have that information, we build keyword and keyphrase lists that can range anywhere from hundreds of keywords to thousands. With this custom-tailored list, we can implement the other search engine strategies that follow.

Off-Site SEO – Link Building

You have a web site that was designed to be crawled. Good. Your content, whether it's sales pages or articles, are keyword rich and easy to read. Great. But how do you get search engine spiders to your web site? You could submit your website to search engines through their “Submit Site” applications, but this is such an outdated and slow tactic that it is hardly worth doing.

The quick way to get your web site indexed is through a link. One link from an already indexed page (such as our portfolio page) gets your website crawled by search spiders. But will one link be good for ranking for the keywords you want? Probably not.

That's where link building comes in. There are a number of ways we build links to websites, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Each business and web site is different, so we custom-tailor link building strategies based on your goals.

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