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Residential Design Services

Shycon Design can help you with all your design needs from simple layouts to complex drawings of home additions. Shycon Design can make your dream a reality by turning your everyday backyard the platform for your dream come true landscape. Sick of the boring day-after-day routine and are you looking for something to give that special flare to your house, we can help you make your home just how you want by designing your perfect home. You are able to see a virtual tour of your ground, detail of the product, and irresistible quality that will beat the competitor.

List of Services

Product Engineering & Design

From cars to lasers to sticky notes, even from the time the first person picked up a rock to use it as a hammer, people have been inventing things to make their lives more comfortable and efficient. Our Design team provides people with ideas along with the ability to patent and sell their inventions. Shycon Design helps you through the entire stage of the design process. We produce the drawings to help you manufacture your invention. Or we can help you with your marketing by producing realistic 3d renders and animations. If you have an idea you want to bring to life please call for a free consultation.

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Eco-Cost Saving Design

Energy prices are on the rise and we can expect more of the same. But there is so much more to energy efficiency than insulation, double or triple glazing and more efficient furnaces. Our approach is a system wide multi-functional design. We can show you how to improve energy efficiency throughout your entire house. We can also show you where you currently have energy waste. Shycon Design will evaluate your residence and design a custom tailored cost/energy saving plan.

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Landscape Engineering & Design

Work with our landscape designers to create your dream landscape. Move a tree, add a pond, plan and visualize your new landscaping before any construction begins. Use a landscape designer for half the price of a landscape architect. Unlike most states Colorado doesn’t require an architect to design your landscape plans, so why pay more for the same service? Our designers have vast experience and work closely with contractors to provide a design you like that is within your budget and timeframe. Our preferred contractor program lets us do the work for you. We bid out the approved design to 3 qualified contractors to make sure you are getting a competitive price on your installation.

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Deck / Patio Engineering & Design

Shycon Design can put your deck in front of you before the deck is installed. The options available when designing your deck are endless; you choose the material, color and style and then see your new deck in 3d along with installation drawings for your contractor. Give your deck design to your contractor or let us find one for you, Shycon Design will take the approved plan and bid it out to 3 qualified contractors to make sure you are getting the best price for quality installation.

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Awning Design

Shycon Design will come out and take digital pictures of your location and then provide realistic renders with an awning attached to your building. There are so many awning options now, from glass and metal to fabric and plastic, let the experts show you all your options to make an informed decision.

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Home / Office Remodel

Shycon Design makes remodeling your home or office exciting. We not only provide a construction layout of your plan for your contractor, we also do a 3d animation of what the space will look like with the additions or changes. Therefore we will bring your idea to life for you to consider before ever hiring a contractor to do the construction.

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Wine Cellar Design

Whether you have a closet or a room to convert to wine storage, Shycon Design can help you fulfill your wine storage needs from start to finish. We provide new innovative designs all the way down to the basic designs you know and love. After the configuration is approved we will help you find the best contractor at the best price.

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