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Developer Design Services

For your development, Shycon Design can prepare technical drawings and plans used by construction workers to build everything from the master plan such as the lot layout, wet & dry utility layout, and road crossing guides, all the way to landscaping the entire development. Our drawings provide visual guidelines, showing the technical details of the products and structures, as well as specifying dimensions, materials to be used, and procedures and processes to be followed. We can fill in technical details, using drawings, rough sketches, specifications, codes, and calculations previously made by engineers, surveyors, architects, or scientists.

List of Services

Power Engineering & Design

Shycon Design can design your entire subdivision power system. We keep in mind the minor important details that other designers might overlook such as aesthetics, installation cost, and ease of use. We will get you bids of quality contractors to install your power system safely and quickly. Our Power designers have years of experience and knowledge in the industry and also keep up to date with new energy saving innovations.

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Landscape Engineering & Design

Work with our landscape designers to create your dream landscape. Move a tree, add a pond, plan and visualize your new landscaping before any construction begins. Use a landscape designer for half the price of a landscape architect. Unlike most states Colorado doesn't require an architect to design your landscape plans, so why pay more for the same service? Our designers have vast experience and work closely with contractors to provide a design you like that is within your budget and timeframe. Our preferred contractor program lets us do the work for you. We bid out the approved design to 3 qualified contractors to make sure you are getting a competitive price on your installation.

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Phone Engineering & Design

Developers often use outside firms to design and build phone networks for subdivisions and communities. The proposals of many construction companies will include design and installation while raising the price of the design. By giving the design project to a professional design company, you are able to save money, time, and have control over the budget of the project.

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Road Crossing Engineering & Design

Road crossing designs (the phase of the project where most problems originate) are vital to the start of a project. Because we work closely with utility companies, Shycon Design catalogues all available information on road crossing specifications. This ensures that adequate planning will prevent costly damages in the future.

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Utility Layout Design

Utility layouts can be used for permitting or cutting-edge high tech record keeping. Imagine having one drawing that shows the location of every utility line in a subdivision. Shycon Design not only acquires locates, but also measures and drafts these locates onto professional drawings with incredible accuracy.

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Street Light Design

Shycon Design produces new streetlight plans and improves the designs of previous designers or developers while using the city and county requirements with the latest streetlight design practices. We have extensive experience with small lighting projects as well as larger city projects consisting of thousands of lights. Whatever size your streetlight project is, you will take comfort knowing Shycon Design will be there throughout the entire process to meet your deadlines while maintaining affordable pricing.

Street lighting is something many people take for granted. Good street light design reduces the likelihood of accidents for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle users. It also increases the safety of our community by reducing crime and vandalism. Shycon Design takes pride in good street light design and has a professional engineer on staff for accuracy and overview.

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As-built Drawings

Shycon can produce project as-builts for immediate submission and inspection or will retain the project file for future construction. Our as-builts are submitted to you with numerous projection possibilities. From bright-white paper to durable Mylar, our projection capabilities will elevate your project to the next level of success. Shycon Design also provides you with an electronically stored AutoCAD file which is unconventional of most companies.

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