A Quick, How-To Guide for getting listed on Local Search engines for Free

or "The Growth of Local Search for Small Businesses."

--December 13th, 2006

There is a lot of debate among online marketing professionals regarding the popularity of Internet Yellow Pages, also known as IYP. What's better? Traditional, printed Yellow Pages and directories, or online yellow pages? While it may be too early to tell, it is simply obvious that printed materials have had to make room for online content that's snagging up their market share. Printed Newspaper readership has dropped, while a growing number of people get their daily updates and news feeds online. More people do their shopping online than ever. The average Denver resident will spend $558.84 (around 50%) of their $1,113.67 overall budget online. 1

Just a few years ago you had to manually submit your website to a search engine to get indexed for all that extra traffic. Today, the same basic principle applies to Internet Yellow Pages, but this time you're submitting your business location (website not necessary), for the extra exposure.

Whether or not local search accounts for a significant chunk of web traffic now, it is inevitable that its growing. With the simultaneous growth of mobile search, local search will be a force to be reckoned with so take advantage of it today while its still free.

Enough debate, here's how our guide on local search:

Local Search Major Players2

The Big Boys

The Underdogs

The "Others"

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2. WebProNews.com - Local Search Led By Google, Yahoo.

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